On Anger Management

Another news article was published this morning by the Baltimore Beat about myself. This article was again about me shooting a fellow officer. This article also points to my past of anger management problems. The article is below:

Prez - Newspaper2I am saddened to have to continually defend myself on this issue. I definitely was wrong when I failed to identify myself and killed another police. I feel the deepest remorse for what I did.

This however was not related to my past anger management issues. As I discussed thoroughly in my book Anger Management in the Workplace, I have had a past full of anger and acting out. I have managed to work through these issues however. With the aide of a therapist, I have managed to overcome my past and my anger, and my book is a way of helping others do the same. This shooting was not a lapse in my anger management, and therefore my past issues have nothing to do with this case.

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