New Book Announcement!

Great news everyone! This year, while I work on my first year of being a middle school teacher, I will be working on a new book about what I have learned so far. I have already talked to my publisher about it, and we want to put this new book out sometime in June. I hope you are all as excited about this as I am! Prez- Book 2

New Job

Hello everyone. As you know from following this blog, an unfortunate accident occurred last week and as a result, I have resigned as a police officer. It saddens me that any of this happened, but at the same time, I am also relieved that I no longer have to struggle in a job that was not very fulfilling. I have now accepted a job offer as an 8th grade math teacher for the city of Baltimore. I have always wanted to help people, and I thought that being a police officer was the best way to do that, but I now have the opportunity to help kids. Although I am still filled with sorrow over the events of last week, I am also now excited for the next stage in my life.

On Anger Management

Another news article was published this morning by the Baltimore Beat about myself. This article was again about me shooting a fellow officer. This article also points to my past of anger management problems. The article is below:

Prez - Newspaper2I am saddened to have to continually defend myself on this issue. I definitely was wrong when I failed to identify myself and killed another police. I feel the deepest remorse for what I did.

This however was not related to my past anger management issues. As I discussed thoroughly in my book Anger Management in the Workplace, I have had a past full of anger and acting out. I have managed to work through these issues however. With the aide of a therapist, I have managed to overcome my past and my anger, and my book is a way of helping others do the same. This shooting was not a lapse in my anger management, and therefore my past issues have nothing to do with this case.

My Side Of The Story

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what to do about this. I am including the Baltimore Beat article that was published this morning accusing me of shooting a fellow cop, and questioning if this was a race based issue. Please read below:Prez - Newspaper   I am here to tell you that I did in fact shoot a fellow officer. This article is asking the same question that the investigation is asking: if this was a raced based shooting, or if this was a deadly mistake. I am also going to answer this question. I did shoot another officer, but it was by mistake. I came around the corner, and I did not identify myself, like all of my training has taught me to do. Officer Waggoner also did not identify himself. I saw his gun raising, and I reacted by instinct, shooting him in what I believed at the time to be self defense. I want to defend myself in saying that this was a mistake, had nothing to do with race, but most importantly had nothing to do with anger. I was not in anyway acting on anger, when I fired my weapon. I am deeply upset that I made such a grave mistake, and I wish more than anything that I could take it back. But I can’t. What is important now is moving forward, and to start that process, I would like to extend my deepest apologies, and sympathy to the family that my actions affected.


Great news everyone! I got an email from a fan this morning telling me that Anger Management in the Workplace is now on Goodreads! I have been in contact with Goodreads since the book came out trying to get a page up, and all that work has paid off. You can now all leave ratings and reviews for my book on Goodreads, as well as recommend it to your friends. I will be trying to get a Goodreads author page up soon, so that I can do a Q&A through them. Until then, enjoy the new feature!

Prez- Goodreads

Book Signing

Great news everyone!

I have officially signed on the last of the Baltimore independent bookstores to participate in a book signing. I will be signing books at various locations throughout Baltimore Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this weekend, and next weekend starting tomorrow. You can bring your own copy of the book, and books will also be available for sale at the signings. Hope to see you there! For dates, times, and locations please see the flyer below:

Prez - Book Signing

Meet Me

Hey everyone! I want to tell you about my story. I am am a police detective for the city of Baltimore, and I have had to deal with anger management issues that came from my job. Being police is very stressful, and I honestly did not handle the pressure well. Last year, I lost my temper, and hit a child in the face with my service weapon. The child was ultimately blinded in one eye because of my actions. I know what you are thinking: “This guy is awful, why would I read his book?”. Well since this incident, I have been working with a therapist to work through my anger management issues. Although this is a work in progress, I am now a much better person for this. I am in control of my anger, and I am in a place now where I can handle the stress of my job, and enjoy it once again.

If you are interested in learning more about my experience, and how I overcame my anger at work, check out my book Anger Management in the Workplace. This book will help you learn from my mistakes, and offer tips and tricks to help you also overcome your anger management issues.

Prez- Book 1 Prez- Book Cover 2